In The Kitchen

When we cook our own food, we may eat without compromise. When we prepare good food for our family and friends it is a true act of love.

We make decisions in the kitchen that profoundly affect our own well-being, and send a positive ripple of change through our communities.


All of this amazing food has been tried and tested by the VegeFuture team. We love to cook at home with whole food plant based recipes – whether eating by ourselves, or hosting dinner guests.

Vegan Herb Bread

Vegan Herb Bread with Oregano & Cumin The time needed to proof the dough is variable, and the times I have suggested are conservative. Feel free to cut the time a little short if your …

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Split Mung Bean Daal

Vegan Tomato & Split Mung Bean Daal

Classic Vegan Hummus

Classic Vegan Hummus with Mushroom Nutritional Information The nutritional information presented here is based on a 1/8th portion of the total recipe. The volume and weight of the portions will vary quite a lot depending …

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Homemade Vegan Muesli

This recipe makes 7 cups – the rolled oats lose significant volume as steam while they cook. You can see below that a serving size of 2/3 cup is a significant portion of your daily …

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Other Articles

Learning new techniques and developing a deeper understanding of cooking will help you take control of your food.

How to Make the Ultimate Vegan Salad

A vegan salad can be a nutritional cornucopia, a buffet highlight, a hastily prepared snack, a meal on its own, or all of the above! When I was growing up, salad was an object of …

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Top 4 Vegan Recipes These are my favorite whole food plant based recipes. Most are simple, and suitable for batch meal preparation, Homemade Vegan Muesli This is my personal homemade vegan muesli recipe, but you …

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How to Bake Bread

How to Bake Vegan Bread for Beginners A standard bread recipe is vegan by default: flour, yeast, water and salt is all it takes. If you live in Tuscany, you may claim that salt is …

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