In The Garden

At VegeFuture, out focus is on growing food. This is not to cast any aspersion on the pursuit of ornamental gardening. Any sustainable cultivation is a noble endeavor – restoring soil, plant & fungal diversity, animal habitat and human quality of life. Growing food simply adds another dimension that we find irresistible.

When we grow our own food, we renew our connection with the living environment.

Over time, we develop patience and accept the limits of our influence.

Plant Selection Guides

Choosing the species you will grow will have a massive influence on the type and quantity of food you will produce. If you are able to grow warm-weather plants, then we have you covered in these plant selection guides.

Growing Herbs

The 5 Best Herbs for Warm Climate Gardens Growing your own herbs provides a major boost to your home-cooked meals. In a warm climate you need to select appropriate plants, but there is plenty for …

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Growing Vegetables

The 10 Best Vegetables for Warm Climate Gardens Growing vegetables is both satisfying and healthy. In a warm climate you need to select appropriate plants, but there is plenty for you to choose from. With …

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Growing Fruit Trees

The 32 Best Fruit Trees for Warm Climates Growing fruit is a truly rewarding endeavor. Unless you have acres of land, you will not be able to grow everything. This guide is useful for deciding …

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Gardening Wisdom

Lessons learned and the philosophy of gardening.

Square Foot Gardening Problems

Square Foot Gardening Problems: 4 Years & I’m Out Square Foot Gardening has pros & cons. I learned a lot from growing in square foot garden beds and had fun. After 3 years though, I …

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Garden Maintenance

Tools and Techniques for garden management and maintenance.

Watering Plants in Sunlight

Is it OK to Water Plants in the Sun? We have all heard it said that watering plants in the middle of the day is a bad idea. The warning is usually along the lines …

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DIY Trellis Ideas

Low-cost DIY Trellis Ideas Make the most of your available sunlight and garden space with vertical gardening. Get hands-on with these ideas for making your own trellis. Wooden Trellis This picture shows a passion fruit …

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